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Product Launch for miniCOCKPIT

miniCOCKPIT, a Hong Kong-based startup founded by two Captains, aimed to revolutionize the flight simulation experience with their innovative hardware solution. Despite their groundbreaking product, they faced several significant obstacles.


As a newly established brand launching its first product, miniCOCKPIT struggled to gain awareness in a market dominated by established players. With no existing audience or fanbase, they needed to build their brand name from scratch in a mature and competitive market.

The flight simulation market is unique, with most potential customers being well-educated and knowledgeable about the products, making them particularly sensitive to product quality. Additionally, the most active flight simulation communities are located in the US and Europe, posing a significant challenge for a Hong Kong-based company to effectively reach these target audiences.


To overcome these challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy.

We began with an in-depth analysis of the flight simulation market, identifying active audiences and key communication channels to formulate an effective marketing strategy. Given the innovative nature of miniCOCKPIT's product and the geographical focus of their target audience, we chose Kickstarter as the launch platform. A successful Kickstarter campaign hinges on a well-planned pre-launch phase, which we meticulously executed, greatly contributing to the project's success.

Our market analysis revealed that direct communication with the community was crucial for building brand trust and confidence. We worked closely with the miniCOCKPIT team to maintain engagement with the community, successfully building positive anticipation for the product launch.

Influencer marketing also played a pivotal role in our strategy. We collaborated with influencers who had domain knowledge, including experienced commercial pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts, and secured partnerships with influencers across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram to maximize our reach.

Additionally, we partnered with some of the most reputable media outlets in the flight simulation market, securing featured articles and in-depth interviews. These efforts helped the community understand more about our brand and product, and the targeted traffic from these features significantly boosted our exposure.

As a new player in a competitive market with limited advertising budgets, it was crucial to use it strategically, ensuring every dollar spent contributed to a meaningful impact towards our business goal.


From initial market research to the completion of the Kickstarter campaign, Captivate collaborated closely with miniCOCKPIT to identify opportunities, compose a holistic marketing strategy, and deliver results that exceeded expectations. The campaign reached 200% of the original business goal, achieving a remarkable 21.8x ROI. This successful product launch established miniCOCKPIT as a credible and reputable brand within the flight simulation community.


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