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Brand Video for Advanced Textile Company

The client is a pioneering technology company specializing in advanced graphene fabric. Their innovative product is designed for versatile use across diverse environments, from urban settings to snow-covered mountains.

With a goal to express its unique brand identity and showcase the cutting-edge technology to potential customers, the client reached out to Captivate for an ambitious brand video production.


The primary challenge for this project was the diverse range of environments that the client's product is designed for. The client insisted on minimal usage of green screens or stock footage to authentically represent the product's versatility.

However, capturing footage in such varied environments posed a logistical challenge, especially since these locations couldn't be found in Hong Kong. It required shooting in multiple locations across different countries to accurately depict the product's usability in urban settings and extreme conditions like those in snow mountains.


To address these challenges, Captivate coordinated with our global partners to arrange shoots in multiple countries, ensuring the authenticity and high quality of the footage. We meticulously planned and executed shoots in iconic and varied locations, including the vibrant streets of Barcelona and the rugged, snowy landscapes of Patagonia. This multi-location shoot was designed to capture the essence of client's technology, highlighting its adaptability and robustness across different environments.

The production process was carefully managed to align with the client's vision, involving detailed pre-production planning, coordination with local teams, employing advanced filming techniques and 3D VFX artist to ensure each scene conveyed the brand’s value and technological prowess.


The outcome was a visually stunning brand video that successfully communicated the client's innovative technology and brand identity. The video effectively showcased the product's versatility and performance in diverse settings. This compelling visual narrative allowed the client to clearly deliver their brand's value and technological advancements to potential customers, significantly enhancing their market presence.


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